Sunday, May 10, 2009

Preparation for Canaan


(1) On the plains of Moab

Israel came at last to the plains of Moab, on the east of Jordan, over against Jericho. Of the unbelieving generation, which almost forty years before grieved God with its rebellion, all those twenty years of age and up had died.

(2) Moses’ farewell addresses (Deuteronomy 1-30)

Because Moses failed to sanctify Jehovah before the people, in that he smote the rock instead of speaking to it, as God commanded, he was not permitted to enter the Land of Promise. Before he went away into the mount from which he was not to return, he assembled all Israel in the open plain and delivered a series of farewell addresses, which for strength and dignity rank with the noblest of all human utterances.

(3) Moses died

At the call of God, Moses ascended Mt. Nebo and viewed the land which he was himself forbidden to enter. Here in the land of Moab, Moses died, and here God buried him so that no man ever knew the place of his burial.

(4) Joshua succeeded Moses

As a slave in Egypt, Joshua saw the mighty plagues by which Jehovah delivered Israel; as his minister he was with Moses in the sacred mount; as one of the twelve spies he brought back a good report. Thus in a long and honorable career and by varied training Joshua was prepared for leadership. ife, moving from place to place as the necessities of water and pasturage required.

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