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Moses Called

MOSES CALLED (Exodus 1 to 4)

Next to the call of Abraham, and scarcely second in importance to that event, is the call of Moses.

As God called Abraham to found the nation, so God called Moses to deliver and develop the nation:

We may consider the life of Moses as follows:

(1) His birth and infancy

When other means of oppression failed to stay the growth of the Children of Israel, Pharaoh issued an edict that all male infants born among the Hebrews should be cast into the Nile. When Moses was born, his parents dared to defy the edict of the king and by a fine strategy,under the favoring hand of God, the child was saved from death.
(2) Forty Years in Egypt

The earliest of these years were spent under the care of his mother, from whom he received a training so vigorous and efficient that its force was never broken by the temptations to which he was subjected in the after years. From his mother's care Moses passed into the courts of Pharaoh and was trained in all the learning of the Egyptians.

(3) Forty Years in the Desert

Compelled by the failure of a premature effort at deliverance to flee from the wrath of Pharaoh, Moses, when he was forty years of age, went away into the desert of Arabia. Here for forty years the future deliverer was in training for his life task. He came to know the desert, and it meant much that he should know personally and minutely the land in which for so many years he was to lead and govern his people. In the solitude of the desert he found opportunity to commune with God, and here he developed that fullness of faith and that clearness of vision which marked his later life.

(4) Forty Years in Leadership

It has been said that Moses was forty years an Egyptian, forty years an Arabian, and forty years an Israelite.

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